It's both the standard and the method by which all Z A KOREA products are designed and built. Z A KOREA quality is a matter of focused design right from the start, and it can be found in every detail that follows.

You can see our drill rig's quality in the overall productivity of the equipment. You can feel it in the ease and comfort of the operator's station. You can experience it in the reliable levels of power and performance.

But the Z A KOREA commitment to quality isn't limited just to our equipment; it also includes a worldwide customer's network that is viewed to be the best in the underground construction industry. In addition to being an underground construction expert, your local customer is there to help you maximize productivity and minimize cost of ownership by keeping your equipment running exactly the way it was designed to run.

When it comes to quality, the Z A KOREA organization has set the highest standard in the industry. As you learn more about our company - and what we have to offer your company - I think you'll agree the Z A KOREA organization offers a perfect match for your work, as well as a significant value in ownership costs and return on investment.

The Z A KOREA Headquarters located in Gwangju City, South Korea. The company features nearly 2000 square meter of manufacturing plant, with additional facilities dedicated to sales and marketing, training, testing, research and product development.

Unlike some other companies, Z A KOREA. controls the research, design and manufacturing of virtually every piece of equipment in its comprehensive Z A KOREA product line.

At the company's Product Development Center, a combination of high-tech computer tools and decades of real-world experience help make drill rig products the standard by which others are judged.

At The Z A KOREA., there's a strong belief that training improves on-the-job productivity by increasing an employee's level of confidence and skill. As a result, training has always been an integral part of the Z A KOREA customer service effort.

Beyond the Z A KOREA headquarters, much of the success of the brand is due to the company's worldwide customer's organization.

Independently-owned Z A KOREA partnerships are dedicated exclusively to Z A KOREA products and services.

Customers have a reputation for being partners in their customers' success. Wherever underground construction is underway, there is a Z A KOREA who stands ready to help with innovative solutions to challenging, real-world problems.